Saturday, 14 June 2014

Voice Of Korea (DPRK), Pyongyang transmitting from Kujang

Voice Of Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)  transmitting from Kujang was received on 7210khz at 1900 Hrs UTC on 5th February 2014. Broadcast was in English started with National anthem of DPRK and featured a largely talk format, and frequent 'Revolutionary' inspired music.
Reception was good, SINPO = 43444  good signal strength with slight noise but clear speech was noted.
A reception report was sent via snail mail on the following day. A brown envelop with hand written station name, a QSL card, a latest edition of Korea Today magazine,  a calender, A promotional leaflet regarding new stamp issued on Leader Kim Jong II  and a Voice Of Korea badge arrived in the mail on 6th June 2014.

Voice of Korea
English Language Service
Democratic People's Republic of Korea



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